Barry Bonds' HR Record Tainted by Elbow 'Armor'? - Robottikäsi ja steroideja. Baseball-tähdellä on kyberpunk hallussa, mutta kasvoton urheilumegakorporaatio yrittää painostaa.

The apparatus is hinged at the elbow. It is a literal "hitting machine" that allows Bonds to release his front arm on the same plane during every swing. It largely accounts for the seemingly magical consistency of every Bonds stroke. -- Several years back, baseball was rightfully scandalized by the revelation that Sammy Sosa had "corked" his bat. The advantages conferred by the Bonds "hitting machine," however, far exceed anything supplied by cork. Ultimately, it appears the Bonds "achievement” must be regarded as partly the product of “double duplicity" -- steroidal and mechanical.

BME: Ashley Crawford: Post-Gender
When someone’s beliefs mean that they feel justified in doing something that harms me, then I guess that’s the time to start arguing about the truth. Other people’s transition or gender identity doesn’t do that. It’s only if they start telling me what to do with my gender and my body that it becomes an issue. Les Feinberg made a very wise statement on this subject: “My right to be me is tied with a thousand threads to your right to be you.”

A levitating wirelessly powered lightbulb

DarpaWatch - DARPA:n konferenssista.

Mies muokkaa (väitetysti) peukalonsa sopivimmiksi iPhonen käyttöön. Seuraavan kännykkämallin tullessa täytyy taas vaihtaa sormet uusiin.

Blatant benevolence and conspicuous consumption
Heroism, of course, is a pretty high-risk strategy. But if you survive, you really have proved the quality of your genes. As the old saw has it, faint heart never won fair lady. On the other hand a soft heart, it appears, wins a gentleman.

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