The tantalising design flaws of our bodged bodies - Ihmiskehon vikoja ja mahdollisia korjauksia niihin.

Richard Dawkins: Enemies of Reason Part 1 & Part 2

Vernor Vingen Rainbow's End ilmaisena E-kirjana.

A New Generation Reinvents Philanthropy - Kiva.org, Kivafriends.org, Change.org, SixDegrees.org, DonorsChoose, DoSomething.org

Three Things to Unlearn from School sekä Two More Things to Unlearn from School, Fake explanations ja Guessing the Teacher's Password. Tai lukekaa kaikki Yudkowskyn merkinnät.

Why there is no such thing as internet addiction
People become addicted to substances or activities, but it's impossible to become addicted to a medium. You can be no more addicted to the internet than you can to language or radio waves. -- The cinema, reading books, going for walks, chatting to friends and any other enjoyable activity can be compulsive, but it doesn't make it an addiction, even if it's a daily time consuming activity and you get pissed off if you can't do it.

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