Colonizing Planet Earth - Kun opimme elämään Marsissa, opimme samalla iskulla elämään myös Gobin aavikolla, joten tämänkin planeetan elintila kasvaa.

If we knew how to live on Mars, we'd know how to reduce our footprint on Earth. Space colonization is the Rosetta stone for earthly sustainability because it's entirely about living in the absence of ecosystem services. The Moon, Mars and the asteroids are a great experimental laboratory that we're ignoring at our own peril.

Reasons to Focus on Cognitive Technologies
You could try to solve poverty and AIDS and environmental problems and various other diseases by applying your own intelligence, which is a worthy endeavor. Or, you could turn the human gift upon itself, fathom the power, make it burn brighter, or take on new form outside of humans and shape that form. And in this way, reach into mind design space, pull out a bigger hammer, and hit the entire set of problems at the same time.

Singularity Summit 2007 - San Franciscossa, liput $50.

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