New Freedom Destroys Old Culture: A response to Nick Carr - Muistuttaa erehdyttävästi sitä, kun ihmisyyden nykyisten rajoitusten sanotaan olevan ihmisyyden ydin.
This isn’t just Carr of course. As people come to realize that freedom destroys old forms just as surely as it creates new ones, the lament for the long-lost present is going up everywhere. As another example, Sven Bikerts, the literary critic, has a post in the Boston Globe, Lost in the blogosphere, that is almost indescribably self-involved. His two complaints are that newspapers are reducing the space allotted to literary criticism, and too many people on the Web are writing about books. In other words, literary criticism, as practiced during Bikerts’ lifetime, was just right, and having either fewer or more writers are both lamentable situations.

Sotilaille biosiru päähän tarkkailemaan elintoimintoja
Clemson scientists have formulated a gel that mimics human tissue and reduces the chances of the body rejecting the biochip, which has been a problem in the past. The researcher predicts the biochip is five years away from human trials.

Rapture of the Nerds, Not
It’s also interesting to think about what would happen if we applied “Rapture of the Nerds” reasoning more widely. Can we ignore nuclear warfare because it’s the Armageddon of the Nerds? Can we ignore climate change because it’s the Tribulation of the Nerds? Can we ignore modern medicine because it’s the Jesus healing miracle of the Nerds?

Who’s Minding the Mind? - Salkku pöydällä saa käyttäytymään kilpailuhenkisemmin, puhdistusaineen tuoksu saa käyttäytymään siistimmin.

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