Tyhmyys, taiteellinen ratkaisu

Ensimmäinen usein kysytty kysymys: Kuka on yksityisetsivä?
Emme ole mutantti. Olemme kuolemattoman rodun viimeinen elossaoleva edustaja.

Toinen usein kysytty kysymys: Mikä on musta kabinetti?
Coloria.net kertoo vastauksen: musta kabinetti oli Ranskassa syntynyt laitos, jonka tarkoituksena oli hankkia hallitukselle tietoa yksityisestä kirjeenvaihdosta. Tästä termi levisi tarkoittamaan myös muuten postilaitoksessa tapahtuvaa luvatonta kirjeiden aukaisua.

Kolmas usein kysytty kysymys: Mikä on blogin tarkoitus?
1. Everyone wants to be an author.
2. Except for a tiny tiny minority, everyone sucks at it.
3. Your "creative style" is amateurish drivel. Spend the next ten years striving for excellent technical craftsmanship and you may develop a style eventually.
4. Write. Write. Write. You must write a million words to throw away before you write anything worthwhile. Yes, a million. Start now.
5. The audience is your God. You have no rights, the audience has all the rights. The audience is your judge, jury, and executioner. You don't demand anything of them; they make demands on you. When a member of the Audience says "I didn't understand that" or "I wasn't convinced" or "This part just sucked", you do not argue, you shut up and fix it because The Audience Has Spoken.
6. Get your grammar, spelling, and punctuation right. I want to add on some kind of followup admonishment, like "or die", or "otherwise you are not an author, you are a preschool child liberated from kindergarten and drooling your entropic venom into the keyboard to the abject horror of Netizens worldwide", but I can't think of anything strong enough.

- Eliezer Yudkowsky, Singularity writing advice

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